Taste of Home:
The Food at the End of the Tunnel

By Marie August and Jason Shon
Posted August 26, 2011
After weeks of burning the midnight oil, shedding tears of despair, and defenestrating countless computers and unlucky bystanders in fits of outrage, we've finally managed to sort of figure out how to work this website.  And so, while pondering what we should do with our newly-acquired powers over lunch, we looked down and found our answer:  food! 

Somewhere in that list of things to do when you get home there's no doubt a long "To Eat” list that you've been drooling over.  Whether it's savoring your grandma's tuna casserole, fighting through that fiery chili from the hole-in-the-wall restaurant down the street from your house, or devouring your favorite ethnic dish from your area, the taste of home can't be replicated.  Those of you who visited home this summer and stuffed up on all your favorite foods know exactly what we mean.  Many of you new JETs may already miss your familiar foods.  The taste of home may be a long ways away, but for a tantalizing glimpse of what you might be missing, look no further.  We asked our Kumamoto JET sempai - now JET alumni - who have savored the food at the end of the tunnel to send us pictures of their first meal back home.  Thank you to those who have responded.  Please keep them coming!  We'll post more as we get them.  Enjoy these taunting images of what you can't have, Kumamoto.  

WARNING:  The following content may cause huge pools of saliva to flow uncontrollably from your open mouth.  Avoid drooling in front of students, teachers, and co-workers.  Viewer discretion advised. 

"For the past four years, I had been without Cuban food and I missed it dearly.  When I got back to Miami (home of the best Cuban food), I HAD to make that my very first meal.  This dish is called 'El Criollo' which means 'The Creole.'  It consisted of yellow rice, black beans, boiled yuca, pork onions, sweet plantains, a croquette and minced beef.  It had such a burst of flavor from the amount of seasoning that it actually was stronger than I remembered.  I guess that is what 4 years of Japanese food can do to a person.  Nonetheless, I was excited to be able to get back that familiar taste of growing up in Miami.  As much as I love the Cuban Cuisine, however, I will miss the Tamana Ramen!"
-Heidi Soto, former Tamana SHS ALT

"One of my favorite dishes from home is Poutine.  For those not familiar it is potatoes topped with a gravy sauce and cheese curds.  Poutine is originally from Canada but is very popular in my hometown Portland, Oregon. Traditionally the gravy sauce is meat based but currently in Portland there are vegetarian and even vegan alternatives available.  My favorite is the vegetarian kind.  My friends and I often eat poutine at get togethers.  When I came home from Japan my friends took me out to eat poutine but I found that one of my favorite foods was now too salty for me.  In Japan I did not eat many salty types of foods so I guess my body became accustomed to less salty foods.  Poutine will always be a favorite but I think from now on I will have to share with my friends."
-Leah Rivendell, former Mashiki ALT 

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