Emergency Contact Information
Police 110
Fire/Ambulance 119
AJET Peer Support Group 050-5534-5566 (8pm – 7am)
Kumamoto Prefecture
International Affairs Division
fax: 096-381-3343
Kumamoto Prefecture 
Board of Education
fax: 096-384-1563

In general Japan is a very safe country. The occurrence of crime and violent crime is comparatively low and most enjoy a feeling of security and safety during their stay in Japan. However, crimes do occur so remember to do simple things like locking your doors on your home and car, avoid walking alone at night, and generally be aware of your surroundings. Do not neglect your personal items while in public. 

Knife and Gun restrictions 
The Japanese Firearms and Swords Control Law begins by stating, "No one shall possess a fire-arm or fire-arms or a sword or swords," and very few exceptions are allowed. Possession of a sword is legal if it has artistic value and is registered. Possessing any fixed-blade knife, dagger, or spear with an overall blade length exceeding 15 cm (about 5.9 in), or any double-edged knife or pocket knife with a blade exceeding 5.5 cm (about 2.2 in) requires permission from the prefectural public safety commission. Carrying anything with a blade over 6cm is prohibited. Personal protection or “it’s handy to have” are not valid reasons for carrying even legal pocket or other knives. Though it’s best to avoid carrying any knives at all, if you do have a valid reason to carry a knife it must be concealed and should not be easily available. Violations of these laws can come with sentences measured in years and fines of upwards of 300,000 yen.
Other Safety Items
You may carry an alarm buzzer. Available at the police station and hardware stores for approximately 1000 yen.
  1. Notify your BOE and Tantosha of the situation.
  2. Notify local police if necessary.
  3. Document EVERYTHING, take photos, make notes, save letters or emails or phone messages to give to assist police in an investigation if necessary.

If you are unsure or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact a PA. 



・If you have been to a good English-speaking doctor, please email the PAs about it.

・Good luck with the new semester of classes! 

Important upcoming dates:

・Starting in October - New ES/JHS ALT School Visits  
Upcoming Events:

・September 5 - Taco Night, 7PM at Tortacos, Kumamoto City
・September 26 & 27 - Ashikita Beach Party, Otachimisaki Park, Ashikita, check-in starts at 4PM

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