Welcome New Kumamoto JETs!!!
We are very excited to have you join us in wonderful Kumamoto Prefecture.  Hopefully you have been contacted by your predecessor or contracting organizations and are beginning to learn more about your placements and Kumamoto in general.  This website offers a lot of information on living and working in Kumamoto.  Please peruse it at your leisure.  
You may also want to check out the "Kumamoto Orientation" tab on the left.  It has materials from past Kumamoto Orientations, and a lot of the material is still relevant.
 The welcome video below was made by current Kumamoto JETs Joel Carter and Joost Van Steenderen. It features current Kumamoto JETs talking about different aspects of life and work in Kumamoto, as well as some advice for making your time on JET fruitful.  Enjoy!
We hope your pre-departure preparations are coming along nicely.  We are all looking forward to meeting you in person in the summer! 


Kumamoto Orientation
Kumamoto Orientation will be held on August 13-15 at the International Center in Kumamoto City.  All incoming ALTs, including Kumamoto City ALTs, are required to attend.  We are really excited for this year's orientation, and have a lot planned!  
Here is a basic schedule:

Day 1 (August 13)

Municipal & K-city ALTs





Opening remarks


The Role of the ALT in English Education


Trading Places - Afrikaans




PA Remarks


KumAJET/Closing/Explanation of Castle Tour


Tour of Kumamoto Castle

Day 2 (August 14)

Municipal & K-city ALTs





schedule explanation


ES: Activities Fair


Teaching Skills and Preparation for the Classroom (10:30-11:20)

JHS: Panel and Group Discussion


TEFL Ideas for ALTs


TT Interactive Workshop


Lesson Planning





Workshops and Interactive Booths

Optional workshops:

Teaching Phonics; Exploring Kumamoto: Things to Do and See; Office & Enkai Etiquette

Interactive Booths

Eating Vegetarian/Vegan; Cooking in Japan; Trash Sorting; Bugs & Pests; Cleaning Products & Seasonal Housekeeping; Appliances, Electronics, and Internet; LGBTQ; Women’s Safety; Health & Wellness; Emergency Preparedness; Kumamoto Psychological Counseling Center; KumAJET; Eikaiwa; Hi, Friends! Teaching Materials; Classroom Activities; English Outside the Classroom; Driving in Kumamoto; Sending Money Home; Living in the Inaka; Japanese Language Study; The 職員室 (Teacher’s Room); Special Needs Education; Self Intro Lesson Plan Help...and more!!!


Area Meetings (meet in Conference Room 3)


Closing.  Leave by 17:00

Day 3 (August 15)

Municipal & K-City ALTs





Japanese Lessons




Japanese Lessons


Closing, pictures, survey


Post-KO welcome Party (optional)

As you can see, there will be many booths on the afternoon of Thursday, August 14.  There will be a lot of information at each booth, but there will also be extra information that we will post here about the various topics.  If you're interested, take a look!
Bugs and Pests - Lots of information about many of the critters you might encounter in Japan.
Summer YOKA, 2014
It's finally here!  This YOKA includes:
  • Skateboarding in Kumamoto by Sam Van Ginhoven
  • 4,541 Miles of Perspective by Jarissa Lum
  • Chinese Characters Worth Getting Tattoed by Chris Ott
  • Short Stories from Kumamoto by Sam Zimny
  • Summertime Swimming in Kyushu by Chris Ott
  • Photos by Lacey Lee and Valeria Reyes
This YOKA was designed by Valeria Reyes.
Kumamoto Restaurant Guide
This is a new project we just started.  We'd like to gather information on restaurants throughout the prefecture so that anybody can find a good place to eat wherever they go.  
Right now we only have places in Kumamoto City, but we'd like it to eventually include places in every part of the prefecture.
If you have some restaurants you want us to include, please let us know!
Thank you Sara Brown for helping us with this project!
Map Key:

Orange marker:  noodle shops (ramen, udon, etc.)   
Red marker:  other restaurants
Orange square:  Japanese fast-food restaurants
Red square:  Western fast-food restaurants

 Leavers' Meeting Photos
On July 4th non-reappointing Kumamoto JETs gathered at the Suizenji Kyosai Kaikan in Kumamoto City.  Here are a few pictures of this year's "graduating" JETs.


・If you have been to a good English-speaking doctor, please email the PAs about it.

・Good luck with the new semester of classes! 

Important upcoming dates:

・Starting in October - New ES/JHS ALT School Visits  
Upcoming Events:

・September 5 - Taco Night, 7PM at Tortacos, Kumamoto City
・September 26 & 27 - Ashikita Beach Party, Otachimisaki Park, Ashikita, check-in starts at 4PM

Area Guide


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