Bike Parking in Kumamoto City

Some of you may have noticed some changes around where you usually park your bike downtown. An Kumanichi newspaper article, that was translated into English and published in the 2012 Winter issue of The YOKA explains what has been going on. 
Basically, starting on June 1 the whole of downtown will be turned into a No Parking Zone for bikes. If you want to park your bike downtown, you will have to park it at one of 20 private and publicly operated designated parking areas. The current total capacity of these parking areas is slightly larger than what a recent survey determined was the current maximum number of spaces needed. So, there should be bike parking available for you somewhere downtown.
You will also have to pay a fee to park your bike in these parking areas. However, not all of the fee structures are the same. Many lots will allow you to park for free for the first 2 hours. And some lots have a cap on how much you will have to pay between the hours of 5pm and 5am. And while most lots are open 24 hours a day, some are not. 
To make sense of all of this, the Kumamoto City PAs have made a map that outlines the boundary of the No Bike Parking Zone as well as the locations, capacities, fees, and operating hours of the various bike parking lots within the no parking zone.
The city has also created a map of where the parking lots are.  You can get real-time information about whether a particular lot is full or not, but most of it is in Japanese.  
Thank you to the Kumamoto City PAs for this information.  

2012 Spring YOKA

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