ALT (and JTE) Skill Development Conference (JETプログラム指導力等向上研修)
Conferences by year:
...formerly known as Mid-year (中間期研修会)

Hosted by the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education and the Kumamoto International Affairs Division, the purpose of the SDC is to bring ALTs and JTEs together to share their experiences in working on the JET Programme, to discuss team-teaching and other related matters, to find ways to enhance foreign language education, and to further develop the JET Programme in Kumamoto Prefecture. 
Information on previous years' conferences, including presentation slides and workshop handouts, is below.  

2014 Skill Development Conference
December 4-5, 2014
Terrsa Hotel, Kumamoto City
Many of this year's workshop presentation and handbook materials are presented below in pdf format.  
presentation materials
handbook materials
Assessment and Feedback
Building Good Relationships with Teachers and Students
Culture Fatigue
Effective Elementary School Lesson Planning
English Speaking Tests (a Kumamoto City initiative)
(speech test manual) .pdf
Games Fair
Independent Japanese Study
JHS ALT-JTE Panel Discussion

Let's Play a Game!
SHS ALT-JTE Panel Discussion
Strategies for Professional Development
Teacher Talk
Teaching as a Team: Projects
Team-Teaching; Skits just got real...
Technology Gap
Trading Places

December 5-6, 2013 
Terrsa Hotel, Kumamoto City

Keynote Lecture: Successfully implementing formative classroom-based speaking assessments
Nathan Ducker, APU Ritsumeikan University
Part 1: Formative classrooom testing in Japanese schools 
Part 2: What is formative testing and why use it?
Part 3: Develop a formative testing course
Part 4: Formative testing: motivation and feedback
Workshop PowerPoint presentations (pdf format):
Phonics Presented by Ian O'Kidhain and Cody Jones
Improving Teacher Talk by Ranko Matsunaka and Katie Young
Independent Japanese Learning by Jonathon Allred and Max Pensack
Elementary School Teaching by James Pashley
Care and Feeding of the Introvert JET by Emily Taylor and Michelle Holliday
SHS Teaching by Sara Brown and Seiki Ishizaka

Bringing the World to the Classroom - handout materials
Care and Feeding of the Introvert JET - presentation slides
Creative Strategies - Thinking Outside of the Book - presentation outline
Curriculum Building and Project-Based Planning - handout materials
Discussion on Work-related issues - handout materials
English and Japanese Linguistics - handout materials
English Grammar in the Japanese Classroom - handout materialspresentation slidesmastermind sheethelp sheet 1help sheet 2
Lesson Plan Swap - presentation slides
Let's Play a Game - handout materials
Teaching Eikaiwa - handout materials
Teaching English in Elementary School - handout materials
Teaching Special Needs - worksheetpresentation slideslessons
Spicing Up your JHS Classes!  It's Muy-Caliente! - handout materialspresentation slides
Student Motivation and Classroom Management - presentation slides
Teaching Junior High School - handout materials
TEFL Techniques - handout materials

A report in PDF form based on the surveys filled out at the end of the conference.  Graphs illustrating how useful participants felt each workshop was, collection of JET and JTE responses to the keynote address, PA responses to common trends/comments, general feedback from JETs and JTEs, and a list of workshop suggestions for next year.   
The entire Schedule & Materials booklet in PDF form.  Conference details, workshop information, workshop schedule, workshop descriptions, keynote address notes, workshop handouts and slides, and more.

Lesson Plan Book
The entire Lesson Plan Book in PDF form.  Ideas for elementary, junior high, and senior high English lessons made for and by Kumamoto ALTs.  Examples and ideas for English outside the classroom. 

Other materials:
by Jason Shon

Schedule and Summary
Stats and questions gathered from the post-seminar questionnaire.
Table of Contents, introduction and explanation, workshop schedule, and workshop descriptions.
Lessons for and by the ALTs of Kumamoto.  English Outside the Classroom ideas and examples are available, too.
Keynote Speech
by Dr. Toshinobu Nagamine, Kumamoto Prefectural University
(Please contact Dr. Nagamine at if you have any questions regarding his presentation)
(Please contact the presenters directly if you have any questions about their workshops.)
(adapted from previous years' CLAIR presentation)
Prepared by CLAIR and presented by Scott Borba and Zane Kinsey 
ALT-JTE Relations (.ppt) by Heidi Soto and Yukiho Yoshimoto
Eikaiwa (.ppt) by Jen Miller and Erica Long
by Andrew DeMato and Lander Sims
by Andrew DeMato and Javier Segura
by Lloyd Abercrombie and Daniel Ikuta
by Alex Del Negro and Jenna Moriwaki
by Nathan Spaugh and Amanda Collyer
JETs who've returned to their home countries were surveyed for advice on leaving preparation. 
by Jon Ealey
by Heidi Soto and Patty Hong
by Talia Harris and Ted Wysor
by Heidi Soto and Eric Paulson, Jr.
by Alex Del Negro, Aurora Tsai and Diana Emi, Navas
by Jen Miller and Masumi Ueda
by Jason Shon, Lindsey Lewis and Reina Ishibashi
by Erich Kaulfuss 
by Anne Tan and Akiko Yamaguchi
by Andrew Crooks and Kate Kreuser
by George Mattar

Schedule and Summary:
Stats and questions gathered from the post-seminar questionnaire.
Table of Contents, introduction and explanation, workshop schedule, and workshop descriptions.
Collection of Elementary, JHS and SHS lesson plans submitted by the ALTs and JTEs of Kumamoto.  
by Peter Ward
(Please contact Peter directly if you have any questions about his workshop.)
by Christian Tsuji (CLAIR PC)

Schedule and Summary:
Presented by Ivar Moller 
・If you have been to a good English-speaking doctor, please email the PAs about it.

・Good luck with the new semester of classes! 

Important upcoming dates:

・Starting in October - New ES/JHS ALT School Visits  
Upcoming Events:

・September 5 - Taco Night, 7PM at Tortacos, Kumamoto City
・September 26 & 27 - Ashikita Beach Party, Otachimisaki Park, Ashikita, check-in starts at 4PM
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