Waterwheel in Amakusa
By Emily Taylor and Erik Smith
Hi all! As you may know, WATERWHEEL is happening this month! We've been working hard to make this event go as smoothly as possible, and are looking forward to having you all come out to our backyard for some good ol' fashioned fun. Now, let's get to it. General details and event description to follow.

Place: WATERWHEEL in Amakusa (aka Todoroki Park 轟公園)
Address: 天草市天草町下田北2971-1
Time: September 23rd 2:00pm ~
Cost: 2,500 yen
Bungalow spots are limited, so send your RSVP to Emily at
eetaylor@gmail.com ASAP!

As described before, the Waterwheel area has a nice waterfall to jump from and fresh water to swim in. Therefore we've suggested, for those who would like to enjoy these activities, to show up mid-afternoon while the weather is nice and warm. This area is really quite beautiful, so even those people who aren't interested in swimming or jumping, you may want to come early just to enjoy the beauty that Amakusa has to offer.

We would love to make this a free event, but unfortunately they wouldn't agree to rent out the bungalows for free. The bungalows have bedding, full kitchens, as well as a full bathroom with showers and what not. We also will be paying for some grills so that people who want to BBQ can do so freely. If people don't want to BBQ, but would like to cook, the bungalows also have microwaves and ovens for that sort of cooking. If you want to keep some stuff cool, they are also accommodated with refrigerators and freezers. It must be noted that within the cost, we have not included any drinks or food; this is a bring-your-own type event. We chose to do it this way because we feel that this way people can bring what they want to eat/drink and there won't be any controversy over paying for something you really didn't want in the first place.

ENTERTAINMENTafraid of heights?
Besides the water-oriented events and the beautiful nature that surrounds the Waterwheel area, we are also going to be organizing some outdoor games. So if you want to relive your childhood, by all means join in! A list of games will be added to the Facebook event page when finalized. We’re also looking into getting some live music. If you are musically gifted, bring your instrument(s) and come show off your talent.

There ya have it, the low-down for WATERWHEEL! We're hoping you all make it out for this must be
there to believe it event! Looking forward to seein' everybody there!

''We just wanted to add that waterwheel is a lot of fun, and has been a KumAJET event in the past. If you have never been to Amakusa, this is a great way to see the natural beauty of the island chain, and meet all of our wonderful Amakusa ALTs."

Check out the facebook event page if you haven't already.


Calling all JETs
Know of an upcoming event or festival?  Been somewhere amazing? Done something memorable? Eaten something delicious? Know a good Japanese phrase or obscure English word?  We'd like your input!  Anything related to Kumamoto or Japan, the JET Program, teaching, and international exchange is welcome.  If you would like to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact us at kumamotopa@gmail.com.  

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Where: Kumamoto City
Details: check events calendar. for more info visit 
Waterwheel in Amakusa
When:  Friday, September 23, 2pm~
Where:  Amakusa, Todoroki Park 
Cost: 2500 yen
Ichi Kyu Bee
What: frisbee tournament
When: Saturday and Sunday, October 1, 2
Where: Otachimisaki Park, Ashikita
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Ashikita Whitewater Rafting
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Language Box

Japanese Phrase of the Week

ひゃくぶん は いっけん に しかず
hyakubun wa ikken ni shikazu

意味 (meaning):
'A picture is worth a thousand words'
'Seeing is believing'

例文 (example sentence):
Aさん: 昨夜、マリーが3杯のビールを一気に飲んだけど、見た?
Bさん: いや、見てない。
Aさん: すごかったよ。百聞は一見に如かず。
A-san:  Did you see Marie drink three beers in one gulp last night?
B-san:  No, I didn't.
A-san:  It was amazing.  You have to see it to believe it.
げんじつ とうひ
genjitu touhi

意味 (meaning):
refusing to face reality
running away from reality
putting your head in the sand

例文 (example sentence):
Quit procrastinating!  Don't you have a lot of work?
あさ めし まえ
asa meshi mae

意味 (meaning):
"as easy as apple pie"
"a walk in the park"
literally, 'before breakfast'; the implication being, it's so easy you can do it before breakfast

例文 (example sentence):
Aさん: テストはどうだった?
Bさん: 朝飯前だよ。
A-san:  How was the test?
B-san:  Piece of cake.
Obscure English Word of the Week

Cacography  [kuh kog ruh fee]
1.  bad handwriting; poor penmanship
2.  incorrect spelling

example sentence:
His students' cacography made Thor cry.

related forms:
cacographer, noun
cacographic, adjective
cacographical, adjective
Defenestrate  [dee fen uh streyt]
1. to throw (a person or thing) out of a window
2. a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political part or office)

example sentence:
Happy the school year was finally over, the students joyfully defenstrated their textbooks.  

related forms:
defenestrated, verb
defenestration, noun
Logorrhea  [law guh ree uh]
1. incessant or compulsive talkativeness; wearisome volubility

example sentence:
After a few drinks nobody could stand Bob's logorrhea.

related forms:
logorrheic, adjective

・If you have been to a good English-speaking doctor, please email the PAs about it.

・Good luck with the new semester of classes! 

Important upcoming dates:

・Starting in October - New ES/JHS ALT School Visits  
Upcoming Events:

・September 5 - Taco Night, 7PM at Tortacos, Kumamoto City
・September 26 & 27 - Ashikita Beach Party, Otachimisaki Park, Ashikita, check-in starts at 4PM

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