"How are you?" Lesson

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Name of Teacher: Derek La

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES 3rd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Let's Try 1, Unit 2, How are you?

Goal: Learning the name of different feelings

Preparation: How are you?, book, list of gestures, gesture flash cards

Class time: 50 minutes

5 minutes on greetings

If the book is available, spend about 10 minutes reading the book and then going over to see if the students understand which image matches which feeling.

Spend about 5 minutes repeating the words with the students to make sure they can say each feeling.

Spend another 5 minutes reviewing how to ask “How are you? I’m _______,” by showing them flash cards

The next five minutes will be spent on explaining the rules for the How are you charades game.

The last twenty minutes or so will be spent playing the game. Students will have a single card with an emotion and children will walk around and ask each other “How are you?” They then answer “I’m ____. Thank you, see you!” From there, the two students swap cards and continue on until time is up.

If there is any spare time, I would use it to review the words and grammar.