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Name(s) of Teacher(s): Colin Ellis

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary/JHS 1st grade

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A "I like red dogs" and MarioKart

Goal: Learn to say "I like/eat/have (colour) (noun). Communication only, no writing

Preparation: 1 Hour (depending on whether you need to make flash cards)

Class time: 50 minutes

I use this in Elementary School, where I do not use a textbook. I always using vocab the kids already know/have studied, so they can concentrate on the grammar pattern. For younger kids I use “I like…” and for older ones who already know I use, “I have…” “I eat…”

This class is divided into three parts:

1) Review vocab (ie make sure you’ve picked words they know) (5-10 minutes)

2) Teach “I like (eat/have) (colour) (noun). Eg. “I like pink dogs.” “I like orange oranges” (15-20 minutes)

3) Solidify the grammar with a game of MarioKart. Watch the kids go crazy (20-25 minutes)

Preparation: Make flash cards using the vocabulary you will be using. Kids from 2nd or 3rd grade usually know Colours.. For nouns I use Animals or Fruit, but anything the kids already know is fine. For the last part (a game) I make MarioKart flashcards of both characters and items (See Games Fair appendix, MarioKart).


1) I start by going over the vocab very quickly (both sets). They shouldn’t be new, so the kids should breeze through them.

2) Target Sentence: I write,

I like ______________

I start by placing a colour flashcard on the first blank. And say, “I like GREEN” with gestures. “I” (point to nose) “LIKE” (Thumbs up) “GREEN” (point to flashcard dramatically).

I ask the JTE. “What colour do you like?” “I like PURPLE.”

Finally I spotlight a few kids, asking them and practicing them as a group. Don’t get them to repeat, it’s much more effective to only use the gestures and have them initiate speaking. Get their little brains moving! Then I move on to the nouns. I get rid of the colour and say, “I like DOGsssss”, drawing an s on the board. (I put so much emphasis on the s my tongue might come right off).

I like ______________s

I ask one student what colour they like, and another what animal they like, combining the flascards together on the board:

I like __________________ ___________________s.

The best one is when it’s something ridiculous, like “I like green horses.” or “I like purple bananas.” We keep practicing, and I always use the kids suggestions, to keep them involved.

3) Once they’ve got the handle on it, we move to the game. I split the class into groups (4-6 groups, with more being better) and play MarioKart (for MarioKart rules, see Games Fair section).

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