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Name of Teacher: Dean Placzek

Class/Grade/Language Level: For grade 5

Textbook and specific lesson: We Can 1 Unit 6 “I want to go to Italy”

Goal: Make a pamphlet to show where students want to go and why, present their thoughts in groups or in front of the class.

Preparation: Previous class of research on desired country

Class time: 2-3 full classes

This is an activity I used for Hi Friends 2 “Let’s go to Italy” lesson but it can easily be adapted to We Can 1, Unit 6 “I want to go to Italy” since they use the same grammar points. This lesson is intended to be the final lesson for the unit. Students will already know how to say the grammar point as well as some basic words to use with the grammar.

  • Start the class by reviewing the grammar points.
  • Have students talk with each other using “Where do you want to go?” “I want to ~” for 2-3 minutes
  • Have the students, on their own time or together during class, research a country of their choice for the previous class(try not to let them use Japan.) This will probably take almost a half to a whole class to do(we went to the library for my class).
  • Next class, show students a completed version of your pamphlet (it’s essentially a travel brochure)
  • Have students make a pamphlet (this will probably take the whole class)
  • The pamphlet should be folded into 3 sections so that there is a cover and an inside
  • On the cover, students can write the name of the country, draw the flag and any other things to represent the country. They can also write “I want to go to ~” or “Let’s go to ~”.
  • On the inside there should be 3 “panels”. Students can write “I want to see ~” “I want to eat ~” “It’s exciting/delicious/great/fun/etc” and they can draw a picture.
  • Depending on your HRT or class size you can choose to do another class or part of a class doing presentations in groups, or in front of the class.

Have fun!