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Name of Teacher: Sam Muller

Class/Grade/Language Level: Grade 5 Elementary School, Lesson 9 What would you like? Also a more advanced version can be done in Middle School with grade 2. It is probably also doable in SHS.

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends! 1 Lesson 9

Goal: For students to be able to order food at a restaurant and be able to be a waiter in English

Preparation: If you are teaching to grade 5 Elementary School, students need to cut out pictures of food in the back of the book. If you are doing in at middle or high school you will need menus and pictures of food.

Class time: 50 minutes

Revise the vocabulary words in the menu and the key sentences “What would you like?” and “I would like ____”

Divide the class into groups of four. It is important that there is an even number of groups.

Designate one group as the kitchen/waiters and the other as customers. The customers should have menus while the kitchen/waiters group has pictures of food.

One person from the kitchen group goes up to the customers and asks, “What would you like?” The customer group then orders three items each from the menu using “I would like___”. The waiter can’t take notes, they have to remember it. They go back to the kitchen and recite the order. The others then find all the pictures appropriate for the order. The waiter then returns to the customers serving the food. They get a point per correct item.

The groups then switch over. Ideally each person should get a chance at being a waiter. This game can be run for the full time.


You can designate one group as the kitchen and the other groups as customers. Then have the waiter group send out a person to each group. Then rotate who is the kitchen group.

You can also add phrases such as "Here you are." and "Thank you." The waiter can also be more specific asking "What would you like to eat?", "What would you like to drink?", "What would you like for dessert?"

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