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Name of Teacher: Erika Bareng

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 5th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends! Lesson 7, second class after the students have already learned the vocabulary words

Goal: Review vocabulary of new objects and use the grammar point “What’s this? It’s a _____.”

Preparation: Flash cards (general greeting), flash cards for lesson, small cards for lucky card game interview, mystery box, real items, stickers. Add scores to the backs of the lesson flash cards ranging from +100-+1000 and -100 to -300. Equally distribute positive and negative scores among the cards and shuffle. The best tool to use for this is post-it note and a marker to write the scores on the back.

Class time: 45 minutes

1. Greeting (5 min)

Ask the students 4 questions:
1. How are you? + engage in natural conversation
2. What is the day today?
3. What is the date today?
4. How is the weather today?

2. Warm-up flashcards (5 min)

Flash the flash cards of the feelings (add gestures), days, months, types of weather, and different flags of countries to warm up the students for the class and to get them to memorize and learn the words and practice pronunciation. Flash each card and have the students repeat after you, then test them by columns or rows and have them say it without repeating (do this step if they have gotten used to the words already).

3. Review the vocabulary words (7 min)

Flash the cards for the Lesson 7 vocabulary words and have the students repeat after you as a review. Be careful not to reveal the score on the back of the card.

4. Review Grammar (3 min)

Review “What’s this? It’s a ____” with the students. Have them repeat after you using the cards. Alternate question and answer back and forth between you and the students to practice their speaking.

5. Game (20 min)

Play lucky card game. First, demonstrate interview style how to talk to your friend. Each person is holding a card.
The cards consist of 4 types of cards (for example, the students will either get globe, glove, tomato, or apple) in order to divide the students into 4 groups later for the “fun part” of the game. The interview part will help them to practice the grammar while also shuffling the students up into mixed groups. After demonstrating, the students will do the interview for 4 minutes. After the interview, divide the groups by having the students with matching cards sit together. Then, the ALT will ask the students “What’s this?” and the students in each group have to quickly choose a card together and collaboratively respond with their choice of card in the grammar point. Flip the card over for each group and reveal their score. Keep score on the board. Continue until 20 minutes for the activity is over.

6. Summary and Conclusion (5 minutes)

In the final part of the class, have some students come up to present their interview with a friend, and review the vocabulary and grammar point for the last time. Complete reflection sheets.