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Name of Teacher: Shenee Douglas

Class/Grade/Language Level: Grade 5 - Elementary

Textbook and specific lesson: We Can 1 – Unit 2: When is your Birthday?- Class 1

Goal: Learn months of the year and practice proper pronunciation

Preparation: Vocabulary Flashcards and slide show from We Can 1 Software

Class time: 45mins

1. Greetings – (How are you?, What day is it?, How’s the weather, etc.)

2. Introduce students to new target sentence – “When is your Birthday?”

3. Explain day’s goal - learn the months of year in English and the corresponding Japanese holidays

4. Vocabulary drill – Have students try to say the month first then correct their pronunciation. Break down the words into syllables for easier understanding. Repeat multiple times in a sing song style. Use software or flashcards.

5. Chant - Teach months of the year chant to the three little Indians tune.

6. Activity - Pointing game as explained in textbook and discuss Japanese holidays

7. Game - Janken Line game

1. Divide the class into 2 teams (having more than one set of cards would be better for large classes.)
2. Place the flashcards on the floor in a straight line.
3. Have each team start from opposite ends of the flashcards saying the months as they go along.
4. When the players meet, they most janken. The loser will turn back and a new player from his team starts. The winner continues along the line and tries to reach the end.
5. A team is awarded a point if a player gets to the other end of the line.

8. Review – quick drill of the vocabulary

9. Closing greetings – (Good job, see you next time, have a nice day, etc.)