5th grade, Where is the treasure? (First lesson)

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Wiki Lesson Title: Prepositions of place

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Shenee Douglas

Class/Grade/Language Level Grade 5

Textbook and specific lesson We Can 1 – Unit 7: Where is the treasure? Class 1

Goal: Students should be able to describe where an item is using on, in, under and by.

Preparation: Computer, electronic board or TV, flashcards, eraser, pencil case and text book

Class time: 45mins

1 ALT Greetings
  • Ask students: How are you? What’s the date? What day is it? How’s the weather today?
  • Have students greet each other in pairs using ‘How are you?’ and one of the questions above.
5 minutes
2 HRT/ALT Small skit

Introduce key words and phrase using a skit. (example) ALT: I can’t find my pencil case?
HRT: Oh no!!!
ALT: Where is my pencil case?
HRT: It’s on the desk. (Key phrase)
ALT: On the desk?
HRT: Yes.
ALT: Thank you.
HRT: You’re welcome.
/* Use exaggerated gestures so students can understand.
HRT – Asks students what they understood and explain goal for the day.

5 minutes
3 ALT Vocabulary Drill

Using flashcards, gestures and/or props, practice the key words (on, in, under and by)

3 minutes
4 HRT/ALT Command game

Have students use their erasers and pencil cases. Give commands such as ‘It’s on the pencil case’ and ‘It’s in the pencil case’. Let students repeat the phrase each time. ALT and HRT take turns to give commands. If time allows, ask a student to give the commands.

5 minutes
5 ALT Chant

Have students listen and sing along to the ‘On, In, Under, By Song’. It’s very easy and the students love the video and song. It comes with gestures and introduces the ‘Where is the ~?’ phrase.

5 minutes
6 HRT/ALT Let's Play 1

Pointing game- HRT and ALT take turns calling items and have the students repeat.

5 minutes
7 HRT/ALT Let's Talk

Use the picture on pages 50&51 or prepare your own picture.
HRT and ALT model the dialog.
HRT: Where is the ~?
ALT: It’s ~ the ~.
Students practice dialog in pairs.

5 minutes
8 ALT Let's Watch and Think

Pause the video and have the students provide the answer before the video does.

8 minutes
9 ALT Chant

Sing the chant once more to review if time allows.

10 HRT Reflection Card

Students will complete their reflection cards.

3 minutes
11 ALT Closing Greetings

Say goodbye and give positive comments.

1 minute