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Name of Teacher: David Amaral
Class/Grade/Language Level: 6th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2 Lesson 3
Goal: Practice using I Can
Preparation: Poster board, construction paper, brads, straws, string, scissors, glue, tape, markers, colored pencils, etc.
Class time: 45 minutes

After teaching our kids "I can~" my JTE came up with a great puppet presentation activity to give the students a fun way of practicing the phrase. Have your students think of a situation using "I can~." They will create a backdrop on the poster board and make characters out of construction paper. Use brads in the joints and attach strings to create moveable limbs and objects to act out what the character can do. Plastic straws are handy for routings the strings and paper tabs can be attached directly to parts for manual manipulation. The students then write out a script using grammar points they have learned in class. When presenting, they will introduce the character and act out the scene using the strings and tabs to animate their puppets.

Notable examples have been reproduced below.

Bird Love
I am a boy bird.
I can fly. (boy bird puppet flaps wings)
I like girl birds.
I have a love letter.
I can deliver a love letter. (boy bird flies over to girl bird)
(End scene)

The Fairy and the Plant
My name is Tinklebells.
I am a fairy.
I can use magic. (wave wand)
I can make this plant dance. (wiggle plant)
(End scene)

See what amazing dramas your kids come up with!