6th grade, Lesson Plan High Friends 2 Lesson 5 – First day

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Lesson Plan
Children's activity Teacher's activity Preparation
* Say hello to teacher. Students will ask each other how they are and high five or shake hands when done.
  • Answer questions
* Greetings.
  • Ask the day, date and weather.
New Vocabulary
  • Say the name of the country and repeat after the teacher
* Introduce the flags by showing flashcards and ask the students what country it is. The students answer in Japanese. Say the name of the country in English and have them repeat. Use silly voices to stress areas where students may have difficulty pronouncing and make them repeat difficult countries once more. Flashcards
Key Word Game
  • Repeat after the teacher and pick up the eraser when the key word is said faster than their neighbor.
* Break students into pairs and have the students put one eraser between the pair.
  • Tell students the key word (pick one of the countries)
  • Have the students repeat after you (different countries) a few times then say the key word. Have the students place the eraser closer to the student that was too slow to pick up the eraser

Erasers (in case someone doesn’t have one)

Let's Listen 1 p.19
  • Listen to the audio and learn the names of the places. Try to write them in Romaji if possible.
  • Think of one famous thing/spot from each country and share
* Have the students listen to the Hello Friends’ pronunciation and write down the country names. Hide the flashcards and have them try to write in romaji. Reveal the correct spelling after the students have tried.
  • Ask students for one famous thing from a country (any country they choose) If students aren’t participating take out a ball and play Hot potato. The person left holding the ball must give an answer. If the student has trouble, give them hints.

Digital media Soft ball (in case students aren’t participating)

Let's Play 2 p.18,19
  • Review colors and shapes
  • Listen to the audio and answer with the country.
  • In pairs quiz partners
* Review colors and shapes
  • Play the digital materials
  • Walk around and quiz some of the students.

Digital materials

Let's Chant "Let's go to Italy." Version 1 p. 21
  • Listen to the audio and chant while looking at the cards.
  • Answer questions about the chant
  • Translate the chant into Japanese
  • Say the chant
  • Make gestures
* Play the chant
  • Write the key phrase on the board (I want to go to Italy)
  • Ask what the phrase means
  • Explain the grammar point
  • Ask the students what each line of the chant means in Japanese
  • Say the chant and have them repeat after you
  • Have them say the chant slowly
  • Have them say the chant normal speed
  • Have the students make gestures to the chant. Make your own as well so students who don’t know what gestures to use can copy you if they’d like
Digital materials
* Reflect back on today's class. Say the country names one more time.
  • Say goodbye.
* Hold up the country flashcards randomly and have the children say the country name.
  • Praise children about their attitude and use of English.
  • Say goodbye.