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Name of Teacher: Christian Steger
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 6th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: Hi Friends 2, Lesson 5
Goal: Review country names in English & learn about famous places (world heritages around the world)
Preparation: Materials: Greeting set cards, Alphabet Chant, Enjoy Phonics p. 8/9, Country flashcards, Country flashcard Power Point Presentation, Country vocabulary sheet, textbook p. 18&19, listening comprehension tracks
Class time: 60 minutes

Time Activity Direction
1 min めあて

1. 導入活動:5 Q.: ~~曜日, 日付、天気、気持ち、時間 

2. アルファベットの大文字を復習しよう

3. 英語で(各国の名前)を復習して、それぞれの国の(国旗)色や形を覚えましょう

3 min Goal 2: Let's practice the alphabet (Enjoy Phonics page 8 and 9)|
  • Practice the big letters of the alphabet with your flashcards; put the timer on 1 minute, start it and practice with the whole class first until the timer rings.
  • Practice one more time and ask students one after another individually (1 minute). When the timer rings the student who was next becomes the new English teacher, comes forward and teaches the class 10 letters and the kids repeat after him/her.
4 min Listening: Alphabet Letter comprehension task
  • Give students a handout of page 8 and 9 of the ENJOY PHONICS textbook. Explain about part B) and C) and do it in class.
  • Go around and check students answers or help them. After 3 minutes check the answers with the whole class on the blackboard (電池黒板)