6th grade, Naming Japanese Events

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Name of Teacher: Allan Cleverley

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary, 6th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: We Can! Unit 2 Welcome to Japan lesson 1

Goal: Learn how to say different Japanes events

Preparation: Making an example poster, preparing a picture card for each event

Class time: 45 minutes

The final goal of this unit is to make posters (in groups of around four) to introduce things you can do in Japan (or in the local area), and send it to a school overseas.

1. Greeting

2. Explain the final goal (HRT), then show and introduce the example poster (so that students know what they are working towards). It may seem very difficult at the start but reassure students that they have plenty of time to learn it.

3. Practice saying the name of events:

a) Start by saying just the date of an event eg “On January 1st…” or “on July 7th…” and have students guess what event it is (they can guess in Japanese or English), put the picture card up on the board and say in English
b) Once all cards are on the board, go over the pronunciation of everything again and have students repeat
c) Ask some students what event they like

4. Do the 3 Hint Quiz on page 10-11

5. Let’s watch and think 1 (page 12): play the video once, then read from the script slowly, breaking up phrases and using gestures.

6. Remind the students that they will make a poster at the end of this unit so to start thinking about what they want to introduce in their poster (HRT)

7. Farewell