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Name of Teacher: Kristina Elyse Butke

Class/Grade/Language Level: High School, all levels

Textbook and specific lesson: Not applicable


  • Interactivity: students will interact with each other, the ALT, and JTE directly; the activity also promotes physical activity as students are required to move around the classroom searching for clues.
  • Language: Students will enhance their reading comprehension and develop new vocabulary as they read clues for the correct answers about the ALT.
  • Cultural awareness: students will learn about the ALT's home culture and personality.


  • Questionnaire: You need to create one version with questions only, and then another version with the answers for your JTE to assist with stamping student papers. Create the handout with this Word file (use the 8x2 Word Group Flashcard Template). Questions can be about your home country ("What country am I from?" or "What is my country's famous food?"), your family and friends ("How many brothers and sisters do I have?"), your hobbies ("What do I like to do?"), and your favorites ("What is my favorite color?" "What is my favorite food?").
  • Image Cutouts: