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Step 1: Log in.

Log in using the user name and password provided by the PAs.

Check the top-right of any wiki page for the login link

Step 2: Choose the category you want to edit:

If you are putting in an Elementary school lesson, click on Elementary School Lessons from the main page. Then on the top right portion of the page you will see an Edit tab. Click on that and it will open up a text editing box.

Top-right toolbar on wiki page

Step 3: Make a page link for your lesson:

In the text editing box, click on where you would like to insert the title of a lesson plan. Note: You should leave a blank line between links lesson titles as this will ensure that your lesson link is featured on a new line of the page. You will see some gray editing buttons at the top-left corner of the text editing box. To make a new page you want to click on the Internal link button which is third from the left (It is a blue Ab ).

Make sure you pick your place in the page before pressing Ab

You will see a double bracketed box appear in the editing box. Type the title of your lesson there and in round brackets include the applicable information of (Grade/Level) (ie. Going Grocery shopping (Grade 5) )

Insert your title (and any extra information) here, anything in brackets will become the link

Once you have created this link, click Save page below the text editing box and you can see how your lesson link was saved. If you need to make a change to its title, it is good to do it now. Once you have finalized your link title, you are ready for putting in your lesson.

Save your page with "Save page", you can also choose "Show preview" to see the page without saving

Your new title will appear on the lessons list page as a red link, meaning that there is no data created for your lesson (all you have created is a link to the lesson page). Once you click on the red link for your lesson, you will be brought to the editing box for your lesson page.

How the lessons list looks after you add your new lesson

Step 4: Type in your lesson:

You can either start typing into the editing box directly or you can cut and paste text from another document. At the top of your lesson, please include the following information (copy the text as is, including all 'on both sides):

'''Name of Teacher:'''

'''Class/Grade/Language Level:'''

'''Textbook and specific lesson:'''



'''Class time:'''

The top of your lesson will look like this in the wiki editing page

However, the above text will appear like this on the actual wiki:

Name of Teacher:

Class/Grade/Language Level:

Textbook and specific lesson:



Class time:

Fill in the appropriate data after the last '.

Keep in mind that you will need to format your lesson according to wiki style and so the formatting from another word document will not be preserved when you paste it into the wiki editing box. There are are bold and italic, and internal and external link editing buttons above the box which you can use. Other formatting is done with wikitext. You can find further info on it in the Help Guide to formatting.

You can use a colon ":" to create an indent and an asterisk "*" to create a bullet. Tables can be done but require slightly more complex formatting and you may want to use them sparingly to keep things easier for you. You can also check out other pages to see how they were made if you are unsure.

Once you have finished typing in your lesson or just want to check on the formatting, click the Save page button at the bottom and you will be able to see your lesson page.

Example of some common wiki editing symbols and their effects

Step 5: Attaching an image or a handout:

You are allowed to upload certain file types up to 32MB of size to the Lesson Wiki. The currently allowed file types are:

  • Common image types (png, gif, jpg, jpeg, jp2, webp)
  • PDF files (pdf)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint files (ppt)
  • Microsoft Word files (doc, docx)
  • Microsoft Excel files (xls, xlsx)

If you don't want to upload something, you can also make a link to a file outside of the Lesson Wiki. Only images uploaded to the Lesson Wiki can be shown on the lesson page, any non-uploaded images will be shown as a text link.

To upload a document to the MediaWiki, click on the Upload file link in the Tools section on the left toolbar. You may have to expand the Tools section if it is collapsed. Select the file to be uploaded, change the file name if necessary, and write a useful description of the file. Leave the other options as-is. Once everything is ready, go ahead and click Upload file!

Note: Do not submit copyrighted work without permission! If you didn't originally make the image or file, make sure you have the consent of the original creator to upload it here. If uploading is not allowed, you can link to resources on other sites, if allowed by the other site's terms and conditions.

Before: Getting ready to upload a new file
After: The new file is ready to be used on the Lesson Wiki!

Once the file is uploaded to the Lesson Wiki, you can easily create a link for it. There are slightly different rules for images versus files.


The most basic way to display an image in your lesson is with the following code:


So, for example, the code:


...creates the following:


There are a variety of ways you can display images. For more details, please refer to the official Mediawiki manual.


In order to make a link to an uploaded file, use the following code:

[[Media:filename.extension | caption]]

Anything written in the caption field will be displayed as the link to your file. If you leave it blank, the link will just be the file name.

For example, the code:

[[Media:Classroom English Games - ES and JHS.pdf]]

...creates the following:

Media:Classroom English Games - ES and JHS.pdf

And a captioned version:

[[Media:Classroom English Games - ES and JHS.pdf | Classroom English Games for Elementary and Junior High]]

...looks like this:

Classroom English Games for Elementary and Junior High

Have fun!

This document is just the basics of making your own lesson. Feel free to experiment with the wiki, check out some of the more advanced manuals, and most importantly have fun with it! Thanks in advance for your contribution to the Lesson Wiki!

Good luck!

--KumamotoPA (talk) 00:55, 1 October 2014 (CDT)

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