An example of how to adapt a kindergarten brief into a short, fun-filled lesson

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Name of Teacher: Caitlin Puzzar

Class/Grade/Language Level: Kindergarten Grade 2 – 4/5 years old

Textbook and specific lesson: Insects- but similar plan can be adopted to any topic for this level

Goal: For children to remember the names of 5-7 insect names in English

Preparation: Flashcards, A Very Hungry Caterpillar Book

Class time: 35 minutes

Kindergartens often give a common theme of what they would like to be taught, often in a short time. Children this young often have a short attention span, so a variety of fast paced activities is the most effective.

  • Introduce insects
Begin by doing gestures (if possible) or showing pictures of said insects. Start with the most common ones they are likely to know and work e.g. spider, fly, caterpillar, butterfly (these are important for following activities), bee, ant.
  • Relay game
Get students to work in pairs. Link their arms together and sit back to back and become a spider. They then sit in a circle which is the outer rim of the “web”. ALT is waiting in the centre of the “web” like a fly. Students shuffle on their bums to catch the fly.
(Ensure there are no “losers” e.g. every student gets a reward like a sticker for their teamwork and reaching the ALT)
  • Read a book – A Very Hungry Caterpillar
Read a book slowly to the students using gestures (this works best with a book the students are familiar with in Japanese).
  • Review
At the end, consolidate simple English learnt e.g. show the book and ask students what insects there are (caterpillar and butterfly), then do gestures to demonstrate the game played to ask what the students and ALT were (spiders and fly).