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Name of Teacher: Miki Luo & HRT

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary school 2nd or 3rd grade

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Learn names of animals. Ask friends what animal do they like.

Preparation: 8 animal flash cards, 2 fly swatter, a lot of small pieces of colored paper (about 4cm x 3cm, enough for each student to have four or more)

Class time: 45 minutes

1. Warm up / review

2. Introduce new vocabulary. Have students repeat after you. I usually quiz them to check their understanding. I’ll say the words in English, students say it in Japanese. Then I’ll have the HRT say it in Japanese and the students in English.

3. Haetataki (fly swatter) game: For smaller classes, you can split them into two teams and line up. Each will get a chance. All my classes have 30+ students and the classrooms are pretty crammed, I just ask for volunteers. With all the flash cards spread out on the board, have 2 students walk in a circle in front of the board. Without looking at them, the ALT says a word and they have to race to hit it. They only have one chance. I’ll give the student who successfully defeated 3 opponents a sticker.

4. Conversation:

A: “What animal do you like?”
B: “I like ____.”

I write the conversation on the board. They can’t really read but it helps. I usually do a demonstration with the HRT and have the students guess what we talked about. Explain what each part meant: what = なに、どんな animal = どうぶつ do you like = あなたはすきですか …etc. Have the students repeat after you. Then practice with their partner.

5. Janken game using the conversation above: give each student 3 pieces of colored paper. Demonstrate with the HRT.

ALT: What animal do you like?
HRT: I like tigers. What animal do you like?
ALT: I like dogs.
Janken! The loser has to give the winner a piece of paper.

The goal is to repeat the conversation with different people and collect as many pieces of paper as possible. If they run out, they can come to you and get another one by saying “one more please”. Give the winners stickers.