Around The World

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Name of Teacher: Chiri Davis

Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: To Familiarize students with places around the world.

Preparation: Pictures of country flags and access to Google maps (5-8 mins)

Class time: 45 minutes of the average class period

  1. Engage
    The teacher will show students pictures of various countries flags and detailed views on Google maps such as the Great Wall of China or the beaches of Jamaica.
    The students will briefly express the places they want to visit and why. The students will need some time the class before to do self-research on the place, monuments, and food. They should be using time to print a few photo for their presentation.
  2. Study
    Teacher will provide example sentences on how to properly describe where they would like to go.
    Example sentences: “I want to go to Jamaica”, “I want to see beautiful beaches”, and “I want to eat jerk chicken”.
  3. Activate
    Place the students groups of 4 and have them role-play as friends preparing a group vacation. Each student will have a chance to show pictures and describe the place they wish to travel to. The more reasons they want to go the better.