Buying and Selling Fruit

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Names of Teachers: Kana-sensei, Madeline McIlvride.

Class/Grade/Language Level: 3rd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Hi, Friends! 1 Lesson 6, “What do you want?”

Goal: Good communication! This lesson familiarizes students with asking for and receiving items. “What do you want?” being the question, and “two strawberries, please” and other variations being the answer. In this specific lesson, we focus on the buying and selling of fruit. It also teaches the students fruit and number associations (i.e. two apples, please). It helps the students build confidence with speaking in English while also using real life scenarios. The students also build upon the conversation to make it more natural. I.e., “Two strawberries?” says the seller, “yes,” says the buyer, “okay, here you are!” says the seller.

Preparation: There are a few hours of preparation required. The students make parfaits out of the fruit they have acquired. Therefore, it is necessary to create numerous fruit cut-outs for the students to buy, sell and use for their parfaits. While preparing for the final buying and selling lesson, it is also necessary to make cards so that the children can practice pronouncing or chanting the fruit names. Similar cutouts should be made to familiarize the students with set phrases, such as “what do you want?” so they can practice that, as well.

Class time:This lesson can be expanded on in several classes. First, the introduction of fruits. Then practices classes for the phrases. Lastly, the fun activity of buying and selling fruit, and having the students make parfaits. The final lesson can be a lot of fun, and enjoyable for the students. It gets them up and moving around, interacting, and having fun with English.