Dice Soccer (all grades)

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Name of Teacher: Andre Bertel

Class/Grade/Language Level:

Textbook and specific lesson:


Preparation: Materials needed: a large dice; flash cards (relevant to the English topic being taught i.e. – sports, foods etc.); a black board and preferably at least two different colors of chalk; a soft rubber ball; and a magnet. Set up: The class is divided into two teams facing each other on both sides of the room. The teacher draws a long centerline on the board and places a magnet on it; then six equidistant (shorter) lines on the left and right side of the centerline. The sixth line on both sides (furthest from the centerline are formed into goals).

Class time:

Essentially how the game works is that students practice an English sentence pattern, by chanting it as a collectively i.e. – all the students chant “Which sport do you like?” One by one each student individually answers the question i.e. – “I like soccer”. After answering the student gets to roll the dice; and accordingly, the magnet (soccer ball) moves towards the other team’s goal (based on the outcome of their dice roll). When the magnet reaches the goal a ‘point’ is gained for the respective team. As the game progresses, lines can be erased to speed up the pace; also, bonus points can be awarded for students `using a big voice’ etc. Ultimately, the winning team is the team with the most points (once all students have had a turn). Overall, this game it is extremely popular at all of the schools I teach at; moreover, it is very effective for mastering English sentence patterns, comprehension, and pronunciation.