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Name of Teacher:

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd grade

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: For students to be able to ask for and understand directions. For students to be able to give directions.

Preparation: Print out worksheets (File:Directions person a.docx and File:Directions person b.docx), make directions for the listening depending on the level of the class

Class time: 50 minutes

Introduction/Vocabulary: Worksheets are distributed with alternate rows getting the same aka a, b, a, b. Students draw the correct symbols in the boxes provided on the worksheet. ALT and JTE then go through the answers (or get students to draw the answers on the board) and students practice pronunciation. ALT and JTE get students to stand up and practice the vocabulary using Simon says.
Listening: JTE explains that the students need to follow the directions on the map and write the correct answer. ALT reads the instructions and checks their answers.
Pair Activity (Information Gap): ALT and JTE demonstrate dialogue and the useful phrases and get students to practice pronunciation. Students are put into pairs with one person having map a and other having map b. Students ask each other for directions and try to fill in their maps.
(If there`s extra time): Students can demonstrate in pairs or a game can be played using directions.