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Name of Teacher: Colin Ellis

Class/Grade/Language Level: All levels (Up to and including Adult Eikaiwa, if they’re up to it!)

Goal: Used to review a grammar point or vocabulary

Preparation: Laminated cards of MarioKart characters and MarioKart items

1. Prepare two types of laminated cards: one of MarioKart characters (Peach, Mario, Koopa, etc) and another of MarioKart items (Star, Mushroom, Red Shell, etc). Draw a racetrack with divided sections on the board. Magnet all the characters to a start line, and all the items on separate track spaces.
2. Divide kids into 4-6 teams (More teams=more participation!) and assign them a character (I let them Janken and choose)
3. Have one representative from each group come to the front, and ask a question or show a vocab card.
4. The first student to raise their hand and correctly answer gets to roll their dice and move their character (in Elementary we all count together, as practice)
5. If they land on an item, they get a special effect. My cards include:
Mushroom: extra roll
Lightning: Roll, everyone else moves backwards
Gold Mushroom: Two extra rolls
Red Shell: Choose a person to pay the penalty
Star: Move to first place
Green Shell: Roll, the next person pays the penalty
Blue Shell: 1st place person pays the penalty
Banana: The banana is placed on a square. If landed on, that person pays the penalty