Farm Animal Finger Puppets

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Name of Teacher: James Pashley

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary grade 2

Textbook and specific lesson: NA

Goal: Learning farm animal names and sounds for use with the song Old McDonald.

Preparation: Farm Animal flashcards, print finger puppets on to thin card, tape, students need colouring pencils, Old McDonald Video or CD

Class time: 40 minutes

After greetings watch the Old McDonald video. This will help the students understand the lesson content and give you an idea if they recognize the song. (Some students do) 3-5 minutes

Then using a board and flashcards we practice the animal names, particularly the animals in your video or song. Then I ask what noise they make. In Japan the students have different sounds for the animals, for example in England we say “neigh, neigh” for a horse. In Japan the convention is “Hee Hee”.

This is usually very amusing for the students, especially the sheep that says “BaaBaa”…. We then practice linking names to sounds, eg. I say an animal, they make the sound, I make a sound, they say the animal. 7 minutes

Then I give out the puppet cards, there are more animals than we use in one class, but I let the students keep the rest for a rainy lunchtime, or to take home.

I let the students use any colours they like, often they will copy the flashcards, but we occasionally get some rainbow sheep in there… I also get the students to cut round the animals, this can take some time. I move around the room sticking the completed puppets for the students and asking them questions about the animals, names, noises etc. to guage how much review is needed. The colouring and cutting can take up to 25 minutes, I limit students to 6, but if they are moving slowly I reduce this further. 20-25 minutes

We then practice the song lyrics, firstly I teach them the lines, “OldMcDonald had a farm EIEIO” “On this farm he had a __________ EIEIO” Then we just do the noises.

We then watch the video twice more and sing along, we wiggle our finger puppets when that animal come on screen. 10 minutes

The puppet sheet I use can be found at and I only use it in classes for educational purposes.

The video I use is on YouTube, it is an animation produced be EflashApps.