Gesture game (ES, all levels)

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Name of Teacher: Kristin Kawashima

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES, all levels

Textbook and specific lesson: none

Goal: Review or practice activity for vocabulary already being studied.

Preparation: vocabulary list

Class time: 10 minutes

This warm up/game can be used as review for almost any vocabulary the kids are learning.

First, create gestures for each vocabulary word and teach them to the students. If there is a phrase related to the vocabulary words (eg, “Happy Halloween” for Halloween lessons), have the kids practice it. Explain to them that everyone will say the phrase together, and at the end of the phrase, everyone has to do one of the gestures for the vocabulary words.

You will stand at the front and also do a gesture at the same time as the kids. If the kids do the same gesture as you, they have to sit down. Continue until there is only one or two students left. It is up to you whether or not to give stickers to the winners!