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Name of Teacher: Catherine Burke

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 3rd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizons 3 Grammar Review

Goal: To review New Horizon’s 3 grammar and have students talk to one another while enjoying Halloween.

Preparation: Print out the worksheets and pictures or a presentation to accompany them.

Class time: 15-20minutes. Timing depends on whether your students already know about Halloween and how much grammar review you do before beginning the activity. It took me about 20 minutes to give a short Halloween presentation, review necessary grammar on the board, and then for the students to complete the worksheet activity.

This Halloween activity is adapted from The Halloween Town activity in “Making Jack’o Lanterns” by Chris Ott. [1] This worksheet has been changed to be challenging enough for 3rd year JHS students. It reviews BE-verb + ING, Have you ever (seen)…? Have you …? Passive voice There is/There are – Is there?/Are there?

Suggested Lesson Plan: Start by quickly explaining the Halloween Holiday, and example presentation is attached. Then review the grammar points. Write on the board example questions and answer. “Have you ever seen a robot? - Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.” (And, if you want to, you can remind the students how reporting works. If their partner says “Yes, I have.” They should write down “Yes, he/she has.”)

After reviewing as much as you want. Hand out the worksheets to students. Go over the pronunciation and meaning of the “New Words.” Tell them that A’s worksheet is different from B’s worksheet. “A’s please raise your hands. B’s please raise your hands. You have to ask your partner about their pictures. And, you have to tell your partner about your pictures. A’s, repeat after me. B’s, look at your pictures.” Practice saying the questions with both A and B students. “Do you have any questions? ...Okay, now listen carefully to your partner. (Everyone stand up. Sit down when you are finished.) If you have any questions please ask me. Let’s start!”

After the time limit is up (if you set one), or everyone is finished, have pairs demonstrate the correct answers to the class. You can hand out Halloween stickers as a thank you for sharing.

Worksheet: Media: Halloweentown_Worksheet_J3.docx Powerpoint: Media:Halloweentown_Powerpoint_J3.ppt