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Let’s do the Hokey Pokey!

Name(s) of Teacher(s): HRT / ALT (Submitted by Katelyn DePalmer)

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary, 3rd/4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A (Body Parts)

Goal: To learn the Hokey Pokey

Preparation: flashcards, CD (not required), adequate floor space, genki-ness.

Class time: 45 minutes (full period)

 Hello time ➢ Hello, how are you, how’s the weather, what day is it

 Happy Communication time (2 minutes) ➢ What (○○) do you like?

 Warm up song (2-3 minutes) ➢ Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (they should already know this!)

 New vocabulary (8 minutes) ➢ Practice saying all the parts of HSKT slowly while touching each part. Then introduce the new vocabulary: body (hug yourself tightly), hands (clap and keep your hands together), one foot (point to one foot, and switch each time), two feet (point to both your feet). Have the students stand up and practice touching and saying each part, mixing new and old vocabulary. You can get faster as they get more confident. ➢ Vocab check: touch your (head, hands, anything) without saying the vocab. Have the students copy you but shout out the correct body part.

 Sensei says (Or “Please”) (6 minutes) ➢ HRT or ALT says “Sensei says…touch your nose,” and students touch their nose and say “Nose” loudly. (If it’s too hard for them to keep up and say the vocab, they can just touch instead.) You can also play this as “touch your nose, please,” with “please” being the key word to move. Students that make a mistake should sit down, but can continue to play from their desk.

 Left-right, in-out practice. (8 minutes) ➢ Have students practice saying the direction words. (One of the teachers can mirror the students and one can face the blackboard so it is clear which is left and which is right.) Then practice in and out (pretend like you are putting your hand in a box!). ➢ Once comfortable, start adding “left hand,” “right foot,” “right hand in, right hand out.”

 Hokey Pokey (15 minutes) – Main activity ➢ Have the students push their desk to the back to make space. With everyone facing the front, practice the hokey pokey slowly. (They don’t have to say the “turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about” part! They particularly love to say “hokey pokey,” though.) Again, have one teacher mirror the students and one teacher do the dance with them so they can clearly see! ➢ Once you’ve practiced, have students make pairs and face their partner. Practice one time. (You don’t have to use a CD, and if you sing it yourself, you can simplify it and go slowly.) ➢ Then get into small groups (2 or 3 groups) and make a circle. Practice in their circle once. ➢ If you have the space, make one big circle and dance together.

 Finish ➢ Congratulate the students on a job well done. Finish as you normally do—we do the goodbye song.