How to edit a lesson

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Step 1: Log in.

Log in using the user name and password provided by the PAs.

Check the top-right of any wiki page for the login link

Step 2: Choose the lesson you want to edit:

Once logged in, find the lesson you would like to edit from the main page. Once you have arrived at the lesson page, in the top right portion of the page you will see an Edit tab. Click on that and it will open up a text editing box.

Top-right toolbar on wiki page

Step 3: Editing a lesson:

You can type any changes directly into the text editing box. If the idea was not originally submitted by you, please be considerate of the original submission. If your edit is a revision of the original lesson idea, a variation of how to play the game or feedback on how it went with a certain group of learners, we suggest you add to the content of the original page, rather than deleting the previous content.

Once you've made your edits, save the new version by clicking "Save Page" at the bottom of the editing box.

Save your page with "Save page", you can also choose "Show preview" to see the page without saving

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