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Name(s) of Teacher(s):Jayna Hulleman Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary 4th grade Textbook and specific lesson: not applicable as my fourth grade doesn’t have a book, but would look similar to a Hi Friends 1 lesson Goal: Use the phrase “I’d like~” to order food Preparation: You will need to get a pizza crust picture and many small pictures of pizza toppings, the kids will also need to have glue Class time: Will depend on the number of students – probably at least half

This is for my fourth grade lesson “I’d like ~” and was made by the previous fourth grade teacher who was kind enough to hand me all the materials. It’s a great lesson and I’m reusing it this year even though that teacher has switched schools. It’s far too good not to share.

A lot of my fourth grade teachers want the kids to learn how to order food, so while we go through a long list of common foods, it’s a lot of things for them to remember, let alone make a game around. This one is far easier as they can reuse many words they’ve already learned if you’ve done vegetables or fruits! The few new ones are far easier than them keeping track of all the food cards my schools tend to have. First you need to prep the correct number of pizza crust pictures for the kids and make sure they will have glue. Then you’ll need to make many different topping cards, such as corn, sausage, sea food, green peppers, etc. More is always better. This is for the game part of the lesson.

What words you want to teach them for ordering other food dishes is up to you, what cards you have on hand or can make, and what your HR teachers may want. You can use these to practice the ‘I’d like~’ phrase and ‘What would you like?’ The goal of the lesson isn’t really for them to learn a bunch of new words, it’s just to be comfortable with that phrase, so follow the way your class works the best.

For the game, set up an area where you can hand out the toppings that the kids ask for and then hand them their pizza crusts. They will come up to your stand and ask you for a specific topping (or two, if you and or your teacher want to cover using ‘and’ in this context). I would suggest limiting the number of times they come out to preserve your toppings and time. They then take that topping back to the crust, glue it on, and decide on another topping until they decide they are done or hit your limit. Then have them name their pizza to show it off at the end of the class.

It’s a really simple activity over all, but they have to use the new phrase. They have a lot of fun either making a pizza they like or making the weirdest combination they can think of and of course they will love showing that off. It works really well for me!