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Name of Teacher: Darryl Shields

Class/Grade/Language Level: Third Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Let’s Try 1 (p14, 15)

Goal: Learn the names of colors and how to say which colors we like.

Preparation: Print blank rainbow worksheets.

Class time: 45 minutes

Time Activity Important Point
23 minutes Greetings (Hello, How are you?) (Eye Contact)
2 minutes Sing the "ABC" song as revision of previous lessons (Gesture)
5 minutes Small Talk: A: How are you? B: I’m ( )

Have the children greet 3 boys and 3 girls each

1 minute Today’s goal:

Explain the goal for today’s lesson; “Learn how to say our favorite colors”

15 minutes Practice:
  • 1. Practice saying colors
  • 2. Have children freely color their rainbow worksheet. They

can use as many or as few colors as they like.

  • 3. Let’s Watch and Think 1 – watch the video, and compare the

rainbows that we see with the rainbows that we have drawn.

(Clear voice)
13 minutes Activity: Let’s introduce our Rainbows!

Have children volunteer to come to the front and introduce their rainbows. They should say “Hello. My name is _____. I like _____. This is my rainbow”. Practice the sentences before bringing volunteers to the front.

(Good reactions)
2 minutes Goodbye Song
5 minutes Reflection