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Name of Teacher: Sam Tuza

Class/Grade/Language Level: High School, 1st Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: No textbook

Goal: Students will be able to introduce whatever gift they will bring with them on their school trip to Taiwan.

Preparation: Worksheet File:I want to introduce.doc, and a presentation of your own as an example.

Class time: 3 classes in total - 2 classes to make presentation, one class to present.

1st class

1. Introduction (15 minutes) – Students were told before the class that they were going to have to introduce something from Japan :for their school trip in Taiwan, and to have thought about what they will introduce before the class. I started by giving an example :and introducing something from my home, in this case, I talked about barbecue, but anything from your home country/state/etc will work. :Just introduce and ask them questions about it to make sure they understand.
2. Individual work (Remaining time) – Give the students their worksheets, which should have the basic questions they need to :answer on their papers, such as What is it? How do you use it? Etc, so that they can explain their object simply. They decide :individually what they will introduce and then write about it.

2nd class – Before this class, you should correct the introductions they have written so far

1. Break students up into groups of 3-4
2. Group work (Whole class) – Once students are into groups of three, they should decide which of their group member’s topics they :want to present the most. Then they use their previously made sentences to create a paragraph about it, remaining time can be spent :creating or finding a visual aid.

3rd class - Presentations