Introduction to Alphabet

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Name of Teacher: Darryl John Shields

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Let’s Try 2 Unit 6 (1)

Goal: Teach lower case letters

Preparation: Upper and lower case letter cards, magnets, digital textbook

Class time: 45mins

1. Greetings

Say hello, ask the students; how are you, what day is today, how’s the weather, what time is it?
Have students greet 3 boys and girls each before sitting down.

2. Practice Alphabet

Go through the lower case cards. Students should be familiar with the alphabet, so this will be relatively simple. Pay particular attention to letters like m/n or g/z as there is often pronunciation and listening difficulties here.

3. Alphabet song/ clap game

Practice singing the alphabet song. Choose four letters, and tell the children to clap instead of singing these letters; increase difficulty by adding more letters and difficult patterns (concurrent letters, or “w” which has more than one beat to count, for example).

4. Matching game

Have children play the concentration/pairs game in groups of four, matching upper and lower case cards together (Aa, Bb, Cc etc.) Have children say the letter as they turn over cards for practice. This reinforces the relationship between the cases, and provides pronunciation/listening practice in a fun way.

5. Let’s Watch and Think p22

6. Reflection time