Lava Floors & Evolution "I Like~"

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Name of Teacher: Thanh Hoang & Mayumi Kurokawa

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Grade - 2nd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: I Like ~

Goal: Building confidence and listening skills using “I Like~”

Preparation: If flash cards available: No Prep needed

Class time: 50 minutes

  1. Greetings (15 Minutes)
    3 questions
    • Whats your name?
    • How old are you?
    • How are you?
      • Review feelings (happy, hungry, etc.)
    Basic Questions
    • How's the weather?
      • Review weather.
    Phonics (with picture cards)
  2. Practice Food and I Like (20 Minutes)
    Review food items (5 minutes)
    • (Watermelon, pineapple, etc.)
    Order Game (5 minutes)
    • Using picture cards, smaller flash cards and the blackboard, I say the names of foods in different orders. Ss then unscramble the cards and put them in said order. Quick game thats good for practice and confirmation.
    Practice I Like~(5 minutes)
    • I Like Pineapple, I like popcorn, etc.
    Order Game Part 2 (5 minutes)
    • Same as Order game above, but this time utilizing the I Like~ Phrase.
  3. Main Activity 1 – Lava Floors (5 minutes)
    AKA Choice Game. Using the power of a first or second graders powerful imagination, we turn the classroom into a volcano. On the floor is a line dividing the classroom into 2. We take two objects, previously studied, and attach them to each side of the room via blackboard. Afterwards, we have everyone repeat 3 things the teacher likes, which also includes one of the attached items. The students then have 5-10 seconds to hop between each side, in the hopes of finding solid ground and salvation. Those who get it wrong, join the teacher, but will still repeat all the sentences.
    • Difficulty can be controlled by adjusting speed and when to reveal the pictures. One variation is to say each sentence at a faster speed, then reveal the pictures right before the timer starts. Variety is all up to the teachers, and how they play the game. Great game to use as a time killer/confidence builder.
  4. Main Activity 2 – Shinka/Evolve (5-10 minutes)
    Still using the power of the imagination, Ss turn into cockroaches. These cockroaches meet with others and janken/RPS. They both say a object or food item that they like, but the winner ascends to the next level of the food chain (Ex. Cockroach->Bird->god). Only creatures on the same level may talk to each other. The game usually ends when time is up, or there are a ton of small Buddhas walking around.
  5. Wrap up & Goodbyes