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Name of Teacher: Thanh Hoang & Mayumi Kurokawa

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Grade - 2nd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: I Like ~

Goal: Building confidence and listening skills using “I Like~”

Preparation: If flash cards available: No Prep needed

Class time: 50 minutes

Greetings – 15 Minutes

3 questions

  • Whats your name?
  • How old are you?
  • How are you?
    • Review feelings (happy, hungry, etc.)

Basic Questions

  • How's the weather?
    • Review weather.

Phonics (with picture cards)

Practice Food and I Like~ - 20 Minutes Review food items (5 minutes)

  • (Watermelon, pineapple, etc.)

Order Game (5 minutes)

  • Using picture cards, smaller flash cards and the blackboard, I say the names of foods in different orders. Ss then unscramble the cards and put them in said order. Quick game thats good for practice and confirmation.

Practice I Like~(5 minutes)

  • I Like Pineapple, I like popcorn, etc.

Order Game Part 2 (5 minutes)

  • Same as Order game above, but this time utilizing the I Like~ Phrase.

Main Activity 1 – Lava Floors (5 minutes)

  • aka Choice Game. Using the power of a first or second graders powerful imagination, we turn the classroom into a volcano. On the floor is a line dividing the classroom into 2. We take two objects, previously studied, and attach them to each side of the room via blackboard. Afterwards, we have everyone repeat 3 things the teacher likes, which also includes one of the attached items. The students then have 5-10 seconds to hop between each side, in the hopes of finding solid ground and salvation. Those who get it wrong, join the teacher, but will still repeat all the sentences.
Difficulty can be controlled by adjusting speed and when to reveal the pictures. One variation is to say each sentence at a faster speed, then reveal the pictures right before the timer starts. Variety is all up to the teachers, and how they play the game. Great game to use as a time killer/confidence builder.

Main Activity 2 – Shinka/Evolve (5-10 minutes)

  • Still using the power of the imagination, Ss turn into cockroaches. These cockroaches meet with others and janken/RPS. They both say a object or food item that they like, but the winner ascends to the next level of the food chain (Ex. Cockroach->Bird->god). Only creatures on the same level may talk to each other. The game usually ends when time is up, or there are a ton of small Buddhas walking around.

Wrap up & Goodbyes.