Let's practice stationery!

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Name of Teacher: Poppy Campbell

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Lets Try 2 Unit 5 p. 18/19 (Hour 2)

Goal: Review stationery vocabulary words, and introduce and practice “Do you have a _____?”

Preparation: Unit 5 flashcards from Let’s Try 2, stationery, mini cards from the students textbooks

Class time: 45 minutes


Explain today’s goal and plan. [3 min]

Review new words:

Practice the stationery vocabulary you introduced in the first hour. Use the real stationery instead of the flashcards. Put the flashcards on the board as well. [5 min]

Tunnel keyword game:

Divide the students into two teams, line them up side by side. Make them hold hands with the student beside them. Give each pair a different keyword. Call out the vocabulary. When a pair hears their keyword they must run through the tunnel all the way back to their original position. The first of the pair to get back to their spot, AND to shout out their keyword, gets a point for their team. Rearrange pairs and vocabulary for a new round. If there’s an uneven number of students, get a volunteer student to call out the vocabulary. (Because there’s only twelve target vocabulary it's easiest to play with less than 24 students. If you have more students it’ll get more chaotic, but maybe also more fun.) [10 min]


Play the chant on page 19 and the students will try to sing it. Introduce and explain the phrase “Do you have a ____?” Write it on the board. Sing the chant again. [6 min]

Hold up each item of stationery, and ask the class “Do you have a ___?” and have the class reply “Yes, I do” or No, I don't” together. Ask them to hold up the piece of stationery if they have it. [5 min]

Go fish in pairs:

Each student cuts out the stationery mini cards from the back of their textbook, and writes their name or number on the back. Make pairs and shuffle their two sets of cards together. Then play go fish in pairs. Each student gets 5 cards to start with, and the rest go in a pile in the middle. Students must ask each other “Do you have a pen?” etc., and take from the middle pile if the answer is “No, I don’t”. If they make a pair of cards they can put those cards down. First with no cards wins. If there’s time, play a round in groups of four. [15 min]

Reflection sheet. [3 min]