Let`s draw monsters! Halloween Edition!

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Name of Teacher: Andrew Suson
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 3rd - 4th Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: N/A
Goal: The students should be able to use the numbers 1-20 and simple body parts in English when answering How many? Questions.
Preparation: 10 minutes. A big sheet of paper for the JTE to draw a demonstration monster/ Picture Cards
Class time: 45 minutes

Introduction – 5 minutes

1) This lesson assume your class has a working familiarity with basic body p@arts and numbers already. In classes leading up to this class, you can reinforce this by doing `Head, shoulders, knees, and toes` as well as Karuta for numbers.

2) For this lesson, review the vocabulary with picture cards one more time.

3) Have the students repeat after you.

Demonstration – 5 minutes 1) Demonstrate the activity with the HRT. First, say `Let`s draw a monster with (number) (body parts).` While the HRT draws, she shows the students that they can draw the body parts freely, on any part of the paper that they please. 2) Pass out the worksheets.

Drawing Time – 10 minutes 1) Students draw the monsters based on your description.

Coloring Time – 5 minutes 1) Tell the students they can use their colored pencils to finish.

Presentation time – 15 minutes 1) Have each student present. You can use the `jitsubutsutoueki`(document camera) so they can see each other`s monsters. Ask how many body parts each monster has.

Review and Reflect – 5 minutes 1) Call on students to reflect on what was fun about the lesson. (Seeing their friends` monsters, being able to use their creativity, etc) 2) Review one more time with picture cards.