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Name of Teacher: Caitlin Puzzar

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School – 5th/6th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson:

5th grade: Hi Friends! 1

Unit 4 – I like apples.
Unit 6 – What do you want?
We Can 1
Unit 2 – When is your birthday?
Unit 4 – What time do you get up?
Unit 5 – She can run fast. He can jump high.
Unit 6 - I want to go to Italy.

6th Grade: Hi Friends! 2

Unit 2 – When is your birthday?
Unit 3 – I can swim.
Unit 5 – Let`s go to Italy.
Unit 6 – What time do you get up?
We Can 2
Unit 1 - This is me.

Goal: To introduce students to Christmas culture while reviewing grammar and phrases learnt in both 5th and 6th grade. (This activity can be adapted to include what your students have/have not yet learned).

Preparation: Letter template worksheet (big copy to use as an example), Christmas music & some pictures

Class time: 45 minutes

0-15 mins: Greet class as usual. Ask students what day it is on December 25th. Encourage them to share any traditions or symbols of Christmas that they are already aware of with the class. Then introduce letter writing culture for presents and show pictures.

15-20 mins: Using the large letter template, review the grammar learnt both in 5th grade, and in the past semester. I use myself as an example, and get my students to help me fill in the blanks.

My name is Caitlin. My birthday is June 21st. I like strawberries. I can swim. I want to go to Hawaii. I get up at 7am. I want (Christmas present)

(A large letter template is not necessary, everything can be shown on the board, but I find students find the visual easier to comprehend. Emphasize how I want~ is the most important part of the letter, and students can choose how much they want to include, catering to all ability levels)

20-40 mins: Play some Christmas music to set the mood. While students are writing their letters, use the time to let them communicate with you and fellow students. Help them with any vocabulary and spellings they don`t know. If time allows, let them decorate their letter with pictures.

40-45 mins: Ask volunteers to share what they want with the class. Encourage them to take their letters home.

As students are a little older and may start questioning Santa, just say that you are Santa. Quickly shuts down questions without ruining it for others and still gives an incentive to do the activity.