Magical Banana (all grades)

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Name of Teacher: Amanda Monterroso

Class/Grade/Language Level: all levels

Textbook and specific lesson: none

Goal: warm-up

Preparation: none

Class time:10 minutes

-- Split class in half evenly (or arrange chairs in 2 circles), mention Japanese version (バナナと言ったらレモン、レモンと言ったら黄色。。。)

-- ALT writes on board ‘You say banana, I say ___’

-- Starting from center, 1st two students fill in the blank with the word that they think of when they hear "banana." Then continue up and down rows with students repeating the previous person's word plus adding their own: (for example You say banana, I say fruit-->you say fruit, I say grape-->you say grape, I say purple......) to the last student on each side.

--1st team to finish is the winner.

--I usually have each side then repeat their chain of words for the opposite team to hear and compare if they had similar ideas or not