Make a sentence! (SHS)

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Name of Teacher: Kameron Monterroso

Class/Grade/Language Level: SHS

Goal: Review proper sentence structure with creative sentences

Example board layout - History: Sengoku Jidai, Person: Michael Jackson, Place: Syria, Thing: PET Bottle

The students choose X subjects (E.G. History/Person/Place/Thing). 1 point=1 subject.

The teacher chooses the subject`s appropriate item, for example, if the student`s choose History, the teacher chooses a historical setting (E.G. Sengoku Jidai).

The students then have a limited amount of time 30 – 60 seconds depending on how many points they are going for. The students then create a sentence using the subjects they have chosen.

E.G. Michael Jackson fought during the Sengoku Jidai with a PET bottle he got in Syria.