Mike and Mic (all levels)

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ALT: Valeria Reyes

Class/Grade/Language Level: every level ever (All)

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: asking questions

Preparation: toy microphone

Class time: 5-10 minutes

I have this microphone I bought in the shape of Elvis (it’s really a dishwashing sponge, but it looks like a mic). I use this to ask questions to at least two rows every time. The first few times I ask the kids to repeat the question after me, then by themselves. By the time I get to the 2nd row, everyone is warmed up and now I’ve been giving Mike the Mic to the outgoing kids who want to do the interview.

I do a “kuchi-no-taiso” or “mouth warm up” and do random letters of the alphabet in their phonetic pronunciations, but as a beat-box song. So that way they can get the rhythm and sounds of English. For example S – S – S – S – A – A – A – A – A – T – P – I – I – I – I – N! You can just do whatever rhythm you can think of and the kids will happily beat box along.