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Name of Teacher: Katie Elliott

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary, All ages, All levels

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Body Parts, (Shapes, Colors, Numbers)

Preparation: 5 Minutes; Flashcards, Paper, Colored pencils

Class time: 45-50 Min

  1. Introduce English words for Body parts with flashcards (10 Min)
  2. Review words (5 Min)
  3. Play “My Monster” game (15-25 Min)
    • Give each student their own paper.
    • Using the sentence frame “My monster has…,” describe the monster. (i.e. My monster has 5 heads.) The level of difficulty can be adjusted. For example, an easier version would just be the body part and a number. Meanwhile, a more difficult version could be body part, number, and color.
    • Give some time for children to add more details to their monsters.
  4. Kids introduce their monster to the class (10-15 Min)
    • The level of difficulty can be adjusted here:
    - Easy level: Kids introduce themselves and then say, “This is my monster.”
    - Medium level: Kids introduce themselves and then say, “This is my monster. His/Her name is…”
    - Difficult level: Kids introduce themselves, their monster with its name, and then describe their monster (i.e. my monster has 5 heads).
  5. Conclusion