Natural Disasters

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Names of Teachers: Kira Sensei, Honda Sensei, Matsukawa Sensei, Matsushita Sensei

Class/Grade/Language Level: SHS 1st and 3rd years, who range from very basic to advanced

Textbook and specific lesson: none File:Disasterworksheet.doc

Goal: To introduce more complicated weather terms (given Japan's propensity towards really horrible natural disasters!) and to have students become more comfortable with speaking in complete sentences

Preparation: Not much if the worksheets are already done, but it might help to print out bigger versions of the pictures and put them on the board. Maybe 10 minutes. Prepare the disaster words on strips of paper, a bowl/hat, and ALT-sentence papers.

Class time: 50 min

Introduction: (5 minutes)

ALT will introduce natural disasters, defining "natural" and "disaster".

Explanation: (10 minutes)

After passing out the worksheet, ALT and JTE explain vocabulary terms. Students will guess what each term is in Japanese.

Pairwork: (20 minutes)

Students will pair up and draw a random vocabulary word from a hat. After every pair gets their disaster word, ALT will pass out large drawing paper and students will write at least 3-4 complete sentences describing how they would survive their situation. They can also get creative and draw their situations on their papers as well.

Speaking (10 minutes)

Students must share their projects and read their sentences out loud.

Extra time (5 minutes)

play the whisper/telephone game. ALT will provide sentences for students to whisper to each other.