Numbers 1 through 10 with Number Cards

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Name of Teacher: Chris Cole

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Numbers 1-10

Goal: Be able to remember and say basic numbers in English

Preparation: Large number cards, small counters, worksheets for Bingo and Bongo game

Class time: 40-50 mins

Start the lesson by practicing saying numbers in English from 1 to 10 using large number cards.

Activity 1: Tashizan (Addition) Janken. Similar to regular Janken, but instead of throwing rock, paper, or scissors, students choose a number from 0-5 using their fingers. The first one to add both numbers and answer in English is the winner. After practicing in pairs, students walk around the classroom and play three times each with five other students.

Activity 2: Bongo game. On a sheet of paper are all numbers 1 through 10. Student choose five numbers and place one counter on each number. The ALT calls out one number at a time at random, and students remove counters from the numbers called. If students have one counter remaining, they say "Reach!" If they have no counters left, they say "Bongo!"

Activity 3: Bingo game. Students write a number from 1 to 10 in nine boxes. The ALT calls numbers at random, and student cross out the numbers called.

Activity 4: Number game. In groups of five, students sit in circles and are assigned numbers in order from 1 to 10. Students take turns calling out numbers in order, the first person saying "1, 2," the next saying "2, 3," the next saying "3, 4," and so on until they reach 10 and start over again. After several rounds counting from 1 to 10, students go in reverse order from 10 to 1.

Review game: Awasete 10. Using large number cards, students are shown a random number and respond with the number that adds up to ten (i.e. 4 card, "6". 8 card, "2". 10 card, "0".).