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Textbook based lessons

Practicing "you should" - with illustrated handout (first year/ low level academic/ LOOSELY based on Voice OC1 Lesson 9)

Non-textbook based lessons

All First Year English Skit Contest (first year/ varying levels of English OK)

Cooking show presentations (first year/ all levels)

Describing people's personalities (all years but best for 2nd and 3rd years)

English Numbers and Time

Money and Numbers (all levels)

Summer vacation storyboards and speeches (first year/ mid-high level academic)

The Price is Right (first year/ academic)

Typhoon Game (suitable for JHS and SHS/ varying levels of English)

What do you think is Motaenai? (1st grade, low academic level)

Writing Interesting Sentences (all years/all levels)

Holiday lessons

The REAL Santa-san!

Grammar focused activity lessons

Self-introduction lessons

Pronunciation lessons

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