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Textbook based lessons

Hobbies and Interests (first year/ Vision Quest I, Chapter 2 and 4)

Practicing "you should" - with illustrated handout (first year/ low level academic/ LOOSELY based on Voice OC1 Lesson 9)

Non-textbook based lessons



All First Year English Skit Contest (first year/ varying levels of English OK)

Balloon Debate

Blockbusters: a TV quiz show game in the classroom (All, can adjust for low or high academic classes)

Canada, the Japanese, and Baseball: The Vancouver Asahi Story (Part 1) (2nd-3rd years/low-mid level)

Conversations (first year, academic school)

Cooking show presentations (first year/ all levels)

Describing People (first year/ all levels)

Describing people's personalities (all years but best for 2nd and 3rd years)

Directions (2nd years)

Emotions (All Years)

English Numbers and Time

Going Shopping!

Introducing something from your home (1st years)

Logic Puzzles

Making an Argument

Money and Numbers (all levels)

Moods (used with low, medium, and high level first year students)

Music and Drawing! (All years, can be modified based on skill level)

Natural Disasters (all years, all levels)

Let’s practice rebuttals! (1st year – academic high school)

Restaurant (first years)

Secret Friend (1st years, low-mid academic level)

Story Chain (beginner to low-intermediate)

Summer vacation storyboards and speeches (first year/ mid-high level academic)

The Price is Right (first year/ academic)

Typhoon Game (suitable for JHS and SHS/ varying levels of English)


What do you think is Mottainai? (1st year, low academic level)

Writing Interesting Sentences (all years/all levels)

Writing Strategies: Raising Awareness of Structuring Writing with Mr. Bean (years 1-3)

Holiday lessons

Happy New Year

The Journey (Christmas)

The REAL Santa-san!

Grammar focused activity lessons

Self-introduction lessons

Sakura Jikoshoukai - Cherry Blossom Self-introduction (All years)

Pronunciation lessons

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