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Name of Teacher: Thanh Hoang
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School
Textbook and specific lesson: Review
Goal: To review reading, writing, and speaking skills/Review materials learned
Preparation: Separate the class into teams, Textbook, 5-10 various sentences(printed and cut into fragments) (enough sets for teams)
Class time: 40-50 minutes

This game/exercise is good for review of the entire book. You can make a full day out of this game, so be sure to explain to your JTE about time requirements and the game flow. This is especially best before the students enter into their hardcore test study mode.

First, separate the class into teams, 4-5 people each. Each team will have a sorter(s), scribe, speaker, and support member. Each team recieves 5-10 small envelopes, enclosed in one large one. Each small envelope will have a sentence that has been scrambled. The goal of each team is to unscramble, write, read and memorize the sentence, and recite it aloud to the teacher. Fastest team will be given points.

It is important to arrange the classroom in a way that separates the roles. Speakers in the back, Scribes in the middle (w/notebook and pen), and Speakers in the back. The teacher will be outside the classroom, usually towards the main hallway. After each round, the students will rotate roles, to ensure that everyone has a chance at reading, speaking, writing, and sorting. If there is an extra member, they can support the sorters or scribes.

To change it up, I usually include a non-textbook sentence as the last envelope. I award extra points to those who completes sentences fairly quickly.