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"I Like Red Dogs" and MarioKart (all grades, JHS 1st grade)"I will..." Sentence Memory Match"Interview Game" activity (all grades and levels)
5th Grade, How many~?5th grade, Alphabet Soup5th grade, Alphabets
5th grade, Alphabets Review5th grade, Awesome Fun Phrase and T-Shirt Picture Drawing Learnin’ Time5th grade, Classes and Days of Week
5th grade, Color/Shapes Practice5th grade, Country Pamphlet Activity5th grade, Days of the Week
5th grade, Fashion Designer5th grade, Finishing the lesson with a Creative activity and review activity5th grade, Hello, Everyone. Lesson plan in japanese
5th grade, Hi Friends 1, Lesson 5 - Finishing the lesson with a Creative activity and review activity5th grade, How many? Janken!5th grade, Let's find/say the alphabet!
5th grade, Let's make a restaurant5th grade, My Dream Schedule5th grade, School Restaurant
5th grade, Upper Case Alphabet5th grade, What's This?5th grade, What do you like?
5th grade, What would you like?5th grade, What’s This?5th grade, When is your Birthday?
6th grade, Alphabet Fish6th grade, Can and Can't6th grade, Directions Lesson
6th grade, Giving Directions - Fukuwarai Game6th grade, Go Straight Suikawari6th grade, I Can Put on a Puppet Show!
6th grade, I want to go to6th grade, Lesson 5-2 (National Flags)6th grade, Lesson Plan High Friends 2 Lesson 5 – First day
6th grade, Let's Go To6th grade, Let's Go To!6th grade, Let's Go To Italy
6th grade, Let's Go to Italy6th grade, Let's Go to Italy ~ using the computer room6th grade, Let's Practice Directions
6th grade, Making English "passports" (Lesson 6, but reviews material from all lessons)6th grade, One Direction6th grade, Sell a Country
6th grade, Verb Review6th grade, What time is it?6th grade, When Is Your Birthday?
6th grade, Where do you want to go? I want to go to Italy to see/to eat…6th grade, Where is the Supermarket?8 Questions and Classroom English
ABC: Writing, Reading, and FeelingABC Popcorn (ES, grades 5/6)ALT Scavenger Hunt
Adding a lesson in 5 steps!Adjective Simon (ES/JHS)Advertisements
AdviceAirportAll First-Year English Skit Contest (1st year, all levels)
Alphabet GamesAlphabet war! (4-6 grade, text is optional)Animal Race (ES/JHS)
AnimalsAnimals 2Animals and Colors through Picture Books
Answer Relay Race (ES/JHS/SHS)Around The WorldBalloon Debate
Bang Bang Game (any year)Beauty and the Beast Game (ES/JHS/SHS)Beginner Level Color Lesson
Best Speaker Activity (JHS/SHS)Beyond Ms. Brown: Practical Uses of Textbook EnglishBlackboard Team Drawing (ES)
Blind "Pumpkin Carving" (ES, grades 1-4)Blockbusters: a TV Quiz Show Game in the ClassroomBomb Game
Bomb Game (grades 5/6)Broken Telephone (JHS/SHS)Call and Response/Matching Phrases (any level/any textbook)
Can you play ~ ?Canada, the Japanese, and Baseball: The Vancouver Asahi StoryCharacter Fukuwarai Battle
Cherry Blossom IntroductionChristmas Music Bingo!Christmas Tree Crafts and Colors (any grades)
Class/YesClassroom ItemsColor and Shape Review
Color and Shape Review: ChristmasColor and Shape UchiwaColors, Animals, and Animal Sounds
ConversationsCooking Show Presentations (1st year, all levels)Cooking show presentations (1st year, all levels)
Correct Chris (ES/JHS)Could you?Could you tell me how to get to the Singapore Zoo?
Country Basket (ES, grade 6)Crazy ColorsDaily Questions Row Column Game (JHS)
Days of the Week, NumbersDebate Introduction and Argument (1st-year SHS in high-level academic schools/Be Textbook (optional)Describing People (1st year, all levels)
Describing Personalities (2nd-3rd year, all levels)Design Your Own PokemonDice Soccer (all grades)
Dice Soccer (any grade)DirectionsDo You Know Your Creature?
Do you know how to read this kanji?Don JankenEikaiwa
Eikaiwa Christmas LessonEikaiwa Ring of FireElectronic Dictionaries
Electronic Dictionaries DebateElementary SchoolEmotions
Emotions Lesson PlanEnglish Alphabet ReviewEnglish Language Newsletter
English MarioKartEnglish Numbers and TimeFan Letters
Farm Animal Finger PuppetsField trip ideaFinal -ed Pronunciation
Finding small mistakes in reading texts (Any unit, any grade/year)Five Minute Daily PhonicsFree Conversation (JHS)
Friends Around The WorldFrog Warm up Conversation (ES/JHS/SHS)Fukuwarai (ES)
FunglishGames and Warm-upsGesture Pairs Game (ES)
Gesture game (ES, all levels)GesturesGoing Shopping!
Halloween: Pin the Face on the Pumpkin & Making MonstersHalloween ActivitiesHalloween Bookmarks
Halloween Customs in the USHalloween Lesson PlanHalloween Masks (any grades that have done parts of the face and colors)
Halloween Monster MakerHalloween “My Monster” Mask Making LessonHandy list for basic formatting
Hanukkhah lesson with games and recipes (1-3 grade)Happy FaceHappy New Year!
Have fun with Numbers and Colours (1st and 2nd grades)Have you ever?Hobbies and Interests (1st-year SHS/Vision Quest I, Chapter 2 and 4)
Hoikuen/Elementary Halloween Lesson (ABCs)Hokey PokeyHot Seat Game (JHS)
How Are You?How are you? (ES/Kindergarten)How to edit a lesson
I'd like... Make your own pizza!(4th grade)ITAI!!! GameI Can Describe...
I Know How To JankenI Like BlueI want/I don't want game (grade 5)
IcebreakersInterview Bingo for Practicing “Like”Introducing Something From Your Home
Introduction to HalloweenIntroduction to NumbersJeopardy (Present Interrogative)
Junior High SchoolKaruta Spell Game (ES)Katakana word or English word? (SHS)
Kumamoto Lesson Wiki:AboutKumamoto Lesson Wiki:General disclaimerLava Floors & Evolution "I Like~"
Learning Body PartsLearning Colors with Twister!Learning Names (low SHS, but any)
Learning Shapes and Colour Review (all grades)Learning the names of animals not commonly seen in Japan (1-4 grade)Lesson Plan High Friends 2 Lesson 5 – First day
Let's Count From 1 to 100Let's Go CampingLet's Learn Body Parts!
Let's go! (ES, grades 3/4)Let`s draw monsters! Halloween Edition!Letter to Santa (5th/6th Grade)
Let’s Practice Rebuttals!Line Quiz Game (all grades)Line and Row
Listen Carefully Activity (ES/JHS)Logic PuzzlesMagical Banana (all grades)
Main PageMake a sentence! (SHS)Making Jack O'Lanterns
Making an ArgumentMaps and DirectionsMeishi Exchange
Mike and Mic (all levels)Money and Numbers (All years, all levels)Moods
Music and Drawing!My FriendsMy Monster
Name Cards for the ArtisticName that CharacterNatural Disasters
Navagating On Our School TripNew Horizon 2 Speaking Plus 2Number game
Numbers 1 through 10Numbers 1 through 10 with Number CardsNumbers 1 through 20
Numbers Above 20Numbers Matching GameOccupation Game (JHS 2nd/3rd)
Occupations - "What do you want to be?" "I want to be a "Opinions and ReasonsOrdering at a Restaurant
Ore Ore Sagi SkitPen Pal Letter ExchangePhonics Warm-Up (E-Friends Version)
Pick-up Sticks (ES)Plot Twist!Practicing "You Should" with illustrated handout (1st-year SHS in low-level academic schools/loosely based on Voice OC1 Lesson 9)
Practicing 3rd Person Verb ConjugationPracticing 3rd Person Verb Conjugation with PictionaryPronunciation Telephone Game (SHS)
Puzzle Race (JHS/SHS)Question Relay (JHS/SHS)Reading and Writing the alphabet (4-6 grade)
RestaurantReview Must and Must notRobot Attack!
Row Game (all levels)SHS LessonsSay 21 and lose (ES, JHS)
Scattergories game (2nd and year grade)School Stationery (3-4 grade)Scotland and How's the Weather
Scramble (JHS)Seasons and WeatherSecret Friend
Senior High SchoolSentence ScrambleShinka/Evolution (ES, JHS)
Shiritori (JHS/SHS)Show and Tell (SHS)Simple directions and taking the tram (3rd grade/ New Horizon 2 Unit 5)
Simultaneous Reading (JHS)Soccer ReviewSocialising / 1 hour activity
Special Needs Schools and ClassesSpy GameSpy Game (ES/JHS)
Stop the Zombies! (ES)Story ChainStorytelling Time
Summer Vacation StoryboardsSummer Vacation Storyboards and Speeches (1st year, mid-high level academic)Summer vacation storyboards and speeches (1st year, mid-high level academic)
SuperlativesTalking Statues (ES)Teaching Animal Names with ''Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?'' (1st-4th grade)
Teaching a simple phrase and vocabulary review (1-6 grade, adaptable activity)Teaching colour with fruit and vegetables (1st grade)Telling the Time and Introducing the Months of the Year (4th grade)
Thanksgiving TurkeyThe Days of the Weeks (1-4 grade)The Gesture Game (1-6 grade, adaptable activity)
The Great World Pyramid! (All grades and higher)The Journey: ChristmasThe Journey (Christmas)
The Language of Pictures (JHS, SHS, Eikaiwa)The Lying Game (ES/JHS)The Lying Game (JHS/SHS)
The Price is Right (1st year, academic)The Price is Right (1st year/ academic)The REAL Santa-san!
The Restaurant Game (ES, and also JHS/SHS)Tower TumbleTransformers (ES, Nursery)
Transportation Method PreferenceTravel in JapanTwelve Months
Typhoon Game (JHS and SHS all years, all levels)Ukidashimoji Game (JHS)Understanding the Difference between the Alphabet and Kanji, learn 10 letters
Unit 5 PowerPoint Revision QuizVampire Game (ES, grades 4-6)Vegetable Colouring Books
Vegetables with Pizza Activity (3-4 grade)Vocabulary Fruits Basket (ES/JHS/SHS)Weather
What's this? (ES, any grade)What Do You Want? ABCs and PhonicsWhat Drink Do You Like?
What did you do?!?!?! (all years/adaptable for different units)What do you have for breakfast?What do you like?
What do you think is Motaenai?What do you think is Mottainai?What time is it?
When Are You Free?Where are you going? (grades 5/6)Where is my monkey?
Whisper Down the Lane/Telephone PictionaryWho Am I?Who Am I? Game (ES/JHS)
Who Are They?Winter HolidaysWord "shiritori" (JHS)
Word Guessing RelayWorld Food and DrinkWriting Interesting Sentences (All years. all levels)
Writing Strategies: Raising Awareness of Structuring Writing with Mr. BeanYearbook making and signing partyYuruKyara-Hunter!
Zombie Game (ES/JHS)“There is/are” Draw My Bedroom activityベッキーのおばあちゃん